Our Appraisal Service

With the pleasure of working with Steuben Glass over these past fifty years, we have come to understand all of the wonderful qualities of this outstanding product. References to all of the many illustrated catalogs and books published overt the years, we have gathered together as much relevant information and cataloged, studied, and examined countless items in order to fully qualify and offer a timely Appraisal Service to all those who might be interested in knowing the current market value of their collections. We are happy to further communicate with you regarding your needs.

Our Repair Service

Along with all of the many services that we are happy to offer is the expert Repair And Scratch Removal we are willing to provide when needed. Many beautiful pieces of fine quality Art Glass might need a touch up from time to time, and our talented workshop is willing to oblige. We are happy to evaluate the potential outcome of each piece. Give us a call or send us a photo of your project, and we advise you of the various options for restoration.